5 Other Uses Of Coffee That Would Surprise You


We all love a great tasting Kimbo Coffee. Most of use any excuse to drink it whether it is passing a mobile coffee bar or even personally buying a jar for our homes. But drinking it just isn’t enough! Coffee can be used for so much more.

You Can Use It To Exfoliate Your Face

If you haven’t noticed, the texture of coffee grounds is just like those facial scrubs that are used to exfoliate your skin. So if you’re looking for an alternative, coffee can actually be used as a facial scrub. Other women even use it to lessen the appearance of cellulite.

It Helps Eliminate Bad Smells

Did you know that coffee can absorb strong odors? So instead of buying those car air fresheners put a small open container filled with freshly ground coffee beans to remove those smell. Moreover, if you have a dog or cat at home, you’re probably familiar with their distinct smell around the house. To get rid of those pet odors, heating a cupful of freshly ground coffee beans in a cast-iron skillet over low heat then setting it on a trivet when the scent is released helps.

Can Be Taken To Ease Headaches

While this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to go overboard on coffee, you might wanna try it before popping pain killer. A clinical trial in Illinois found that caffeine lessens both the intensity and frequency of headaches.

It Can Be A Gardening Agent

Aside from tea and non-diet cola, coffee is also great for speeding up your composting because it increases the bacterium population. So next time you’re gardening don’t keep all that coffee to yourself.

You Can Use It To Fix Your Furniture

Don’t let those small crack, nick, or gouge take a toll on your furniture. When you notice some of them, open your pantry and grab an instant coffee. Make a thick paste out of it by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of it with just enough water; add a few drops of iodine for red toned woods. Then use a spatula or disposable knife to fill in the crack with the paste that you made, let it dry then buff it with furniture wax and you’re done.