The Top 10 Tips Of Cake Making


Baking allows individuals to express themselves in ways that can only be shown through their finished products. Whether you’re a professional baker or a baking enthusiast it’s always good to try out new things. Designing a cake requires more than just basic knowledge. It needs a little more creativity and skill mixed into the process. Here are 10 Tips Of Cake Design that will help you bake the most gorgeous cakes.

1. Decorating the sides
An amazing way to decorate is to add in some toppings on the sides. The most common ones used are coconut shavings, coloured sprinkles, sliced almonds, mini chocolate chips, and finely chopped nuts. Carefully press you desired topping on the sides of your cake. Make sure to put it on top of a parchment paper so that the fall outs won’t ruin the design.

2. Applying a minimalist garnish
Most cakes that we see in the market today are all fully loaded with beautiful garnishes on top. Indeed, these look delicious and very eye catching. But a more unique approach is to veer away from the usual, and only use minimal garnishes instead. We can suggest arranging sliced almonds, personalised love hearts fresh berries, rose petals, and candied fruits.

3. Making colorful shapes
Everybody loves a cake that is vibrant and colorful. This tip goes extremely well with frosted cake. You can add in colored sprinkles or sugar. To make this, you’ll only be needing a cookie cutter as a guide. There are plenty of designs you can choose from hearts, flowers, stars, etc. Just fill it in with your choice of toppings, take it out, and reveal the pattern.

4. Making billowy swirls
This one is a very simple tip but it can definitely make a huge impact on your design. All you’ll need is a large dinner spoon. Using its back, gently press it down on top of the cake. This will create gorgeous swirls and patterns that will add more character to your cake.

5. Writing messages using chocolate
For this tip, you’ll only need a ziplock bag. All you have to do is put in the melted chocolate inside the bag and snip off a little bit of one corner. This will allow you to carefully squeeze the chocolate from the small hole while you’re writing. You can do this with white, dark, or milk chocolates.

6. Decorating using chocolate shavings
A sturdy vegetable peeler and some chocolate is all you’ll need for this tip. Gently peel away on a parchment paper and put those chocolate shavings on top of your cake. This is great way to experiment with designing as you can use multiple colors of chocolate and be as creative as you wish.

7. Acrylic rod in a cake stand
This is a wonderful way of displaying your cakes at a special occasion. You can easily purchase these acrylic rods from Simply Plastics in your nearest baking store and they’ll surely have it. Events like birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions often require a more sophisticated set up. Purchasing an acrylic rod and putting in a cake stand will make your guests feel amazed by your beautiful presentation.

8. Using icing tips
Among all the tips we’ve mentioned this is by far the most versatile. You can create different effects by using various designs of icing tips. They are also called cake tips or pastry tips. The most common ones are petals, leaves, u-tips, and stars. All you need to do is gently squeeze them on top or on the sides of your cakes for decoration.

9. Use characters
For extra customization, you can create your own characters using edible gum paste or fondant. You can create different animals like cats, bunnies, puppies, or bears. You may even go all out and create famous characters. This is a great way to cater to your customer’s needs. Cute little characters will always be appreciated.

10. Be bold
Mosaic designs and patterns are beautiful, but when used as a design for a cake, it’s even more beautiful. Contrasting monochrome colors which are from both ends of the color wheel will blend in excellently together. Dare to be bold and use striking patterns on your cakes. You’ll surely leave your customers feeling fascinated.