Top 5 Italian Restaurants in London That You Should Checkout

italian eatingWhile traveling in London, you should also check out some fine dining in the city. Restaurants which typically preferred by most people especially the tourists are the Italian ones. Italian dishes are mouth-watering and sumptuous. Of course, you do not have to travel to Europe just to experience fantastic Italian gourmet. You just have to discover your favorite local like La Ballerina to satisfy your cravings.

The city has been very blessed with the finest restaurants which could offer you authentic, exceptional and the finest Italian services you could ever have. If you’re interested in having higher quality wines than most restaurants you can find anywhere, check out Twelve By Seventy Five. You can invest in wine and reap the rewards. Without further ado, Here are the top 5 restaurants you could choose from:

  1. Locanda Locatelli

This is a well-renowned restaurant which is headed by a popular celebrity chef named Giorgio Locatelli. This restaurant is situated in 8 Seymour Street London W1H 7JZ. The Italian foods served are very hearty and are the finest in the city. This is opens from Monday-Sunday from lunch time to late dinner. Its ambiance is very warm and rest assured that they have the very civilized-approach of dining. If you want to savor the best of Italy, then you will have to go there and check out their Braised neck of lamb with polenta, peppers and Chianti sauce.

  1. Tinello

Bringing the best of Italy in London, Tinello offers you more that amazing Tuscany dishes but also elegant and stylistic atmosphere. Frederico Sali, is its head chef and was the business partner of Giorgio Locatelli. To truly savor their Saltimbocca di vitello – pan-fried veal escalope, wrapped in ham you should check out their restaurant and remember to enjoy a glass of wine when you dine!

  1. The River Café

You could never go wrong dining in this restaurant. The River Café has been serving everyone with their best Italian delights since 1987. Although the chef/owner is American, he specialised in Italian cooking and could prepare the exceptional Italian dishes you would always look for. He has that exceptional talent to bring out the best in every Italian cuisine served in each table. In the summer season, it is really recommended for you to pick a table in the terrace because it is overlooking Thames.

  1. C London

A very elegant restaurant located in the heart of Mayfair. Their courses has the touch of Venice in Italy. You have so many options to choose. Options range from traditional Italian dishes to the classics from Harry’s Bar in Venice. As a very great tip, if you are going to have dinner in this place, you can savor the authentic classic Bellini made with white peach nectar and prosecco. It’s definitely worth your reservation!

  1. Bella Nola

If you are looking for a typical Italian restaurant where you can get food, Italian music, friendly service and good price, then check Bella Nola. This restaurant is a hub for authentic Italian gourmets. They accept catering services for all occasions. There are so many dishes to choose from. They offer traditional pasta, meat, desserts and good wines.